Race Information


Thursday 7/12/2017:


For those who would like to be in Aqaba City earlier than the scheduled departing time, please confirm with the staff for seating availability.

  • 7:30am: Buses will be located at the Jet parking area, near the 7th circle.
  • 8:00am sharp: Buses will depart for Aqaba.
  • 12:30pm: Arrive at Aqaba .
  • 3:00pm: Hotel check in.

Participants who wish to arrive in Aqaba at noon need to confirm with Run Jordan to ensure availability of seats.


  • 2:30pm: Buses will be located at the Jet parking area, near the 7th circle.
  • 3:00pm sharp: Buses will depart for Aqaba.
  • 7:30pm: Arrive at Aqaba and check-in at Hotel.

Marathon Race Day

Friday 8/12/2017:

  • 6:00am: Gathering point for the 21km race in front of Intercontinatal Hotel.
  • 7:00am: Start of 21km in front of Intercontinatal Hotel
  • 7:30am: Gathering point for the 10km in JETT square.
  • 9:00am: Start of 10km Fun Run from Ayla project.
  • 9:00am: Gathering for the 4.2km Kids Run in JETT square.
  • 10:00am: Start of the 4.2 Kids Run.
  • 10:45am: Awards ceremony @ Al Thawra Square.
  • 12:00am: Race finishes and the timing system is shut off.

Saturday 9/12/2017:

  • 12:00 pm sharp: Hotel check-out
  • 3:30 pm sharp: Buses will return to Amman from the Jett Bus parking area.

Rules and General Information:

  1. Temperature in Aqaba will be 20-25 ºC.
  2. The road is marked every 1km.
  3. Water is available at the start and finish line, and every 3km on the race route.
  4. Runners can leave their labeled luggage in the luggage bus at the starting points.
  5. Runners must pin their numbers on the front of their shirts (the timing chip is attached to the number) for check-in. Any runner who crosses the finish line without a bib number will be disqualified.
  6. Ambulances and police patrol officers will be available to ensure the safety of runners.
  7. If the runner feels unwell and needs help, organizers will be available for help.
  8. There will be a check points on the route for all races.
  9. Toilets are available at the starting point of the 21 km (half-marathon), 10km, 4.2km, as well as along the route & at the finish line.
  10. The road will be reopened to traffic at 12:00 am, no race times will be recoreded after 12:00 am.